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Elemental Birthdays: Secondary Edition (Ages 11-20) How to bring Science into Every Party!   Have fun with the elements of the Periodic Table and have fun on your birthday!


Elemental Birthdays: Elementary Edition (Ages 5-11) How to bring Science into Every Party!   Have fun with the elements of the Periodic Table and start a great family birthday tradition at the same time!   Elementary Ages 5-11.

Preschool Edition (Ages 1-5) of Elemental Birthdays: How to bring Science into Every Party!  Preschool Edition Ages 1-5

Big History Beads A hands-on way to teach the history of the Universe!


Elsewhere on the Web!!

All of these are resources that we have used and have found to be wonderful!

We’ve watched this series too many times to count. This series is essential for every family.

Symphony of Science

Two things that go beautifully together: Music and Science.  These songs make music out of actual scientists to teach about science.  AND... they are catchy enough to have a 10 year old memorize them.


NASA has a lot of wonderful resources for Students and Educators.  It's image and video gallery can give a window into the universe that is incomparable.  Additionally, they have Science Casts with fun titles like "Fried Planets" and "Why Curiosity Matters."

The Great Story
- Kids Curricula http://www.thegreatstory.com/kids.html
- Songs http://www.thegreatstory.com/songs.html
- Great Story Beads http://www.thegreatstory.com/great_story_beads.html
- Videos http://www.thegreatstory.com/youtube-channels.html
The Great Story site has a huge range of wonderful resources to bring science alive, for everyone.

Our Family Tree

For ages 4-6, this book is perfect! Simple, fun, and with lots of pictures.

Universe Story series

This series is great for ages 5-11, and our first copies are dog-eared from use. Our kids’ favorite is book #2 “From Lava to Life”, which they call “The Bubble Book”. http://www.universestories.com/


A really clear way to see deep time - history in terms of the full timeline of the Universe.span>


The Earth Story Calendar

These are so cool we order
these are so cool we order a 10 pack every year to give as holiday gifts.

BBC Walking with Monsters series

This huge, nicely done set of BBC series is a lot fun and very educational, starting with “Walking with Monsters" and ending with “Walking with Cavemen."

The Epic of Evolution

This whole site is huge and packed with all kinds of stuff. Use the drop down menus at the top to access both the home page as well as resources for teachers, DVDs and more.

Educational Innovations
Lots of fun and educational gifts here – this is a catalog the kids can look through leading up to the holidays.

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