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Preschool Edition of Elemental Birthdays

Elemental Birthdays (Ages 1-11) now available as a paperback!
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Paperback (2014 ed) & electronic copy (2012 ed) $24 (USA only): 

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Electronic Versions of Elemental birthdays: Check them out here!

What are Elemental Birthdays?

Elemental Birthdays lets anyone celebrate birthdays while having fun with science.    All the elements of the universe have an atomic number (Z).  Elemental Birthdays matches that number with a birthday.  The first element  (Hydrogen) is the first birthday.  Helium (Z=2) is the second birthday, and so on.  The book uses this simple idea to incorporate the elements into fun, easy party themes, and it provides a step-by-step guide to games and activities.  The result: a party where kids and adults have fun learning science! 

For more information: Check out our story here.

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Full edition
Full Edition (ages 1-20)
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Preschool Edition of Elemental Birthdays

Primary Edition (ages 1-11)
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Secondary Edition (ages 11-20)
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 Jon and Heather Cleland-Host have been celebrating parties with their four children this way for over seven years now.  The parties have been a wonderful success both with their own children and with those friends and family attending the parties.  Many have expressed interest in celebrating birthdays this way, but for many parents, they do not know how to begin to plan a party with a science theme, let alone how to do it for every party. 

These books are designed for you to show you how to make your parties Elementally Fantastic!

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