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Why do Elemental Birthdays?
An Elemental Journey


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Gifting "Elemental Birthdays" & Other Questions

FULL EDITION (Ages 1-20)

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(This combination comes with two downloadable PDFs:

* Preschool/Elementary combined version

* Secondary Edition)

It is your 15th birthday? Guess what? It is also your Phosphorus Birthday!

Elemental Birthdays: How to bring Science into Every Party brings a new way to celebrate birthdays and at the same time have fun with science. 

It begins with a simple but wonderful idea: What if we celebrated each birthday using the theme of the element with the number that matches the age of the birthday child?  That is, on your 13th birthday, the party would feature the 13th element (Aluminum, Z=13). On your 20th birthday the party would feature 20th element (Calcium Z=20).   

We could use the element itself in gifts or themes for the party!  We could decorate for the party using the element! We could have cool cake designs featuring the element and birthday person!  What if we did this for every family party?  We could have so much fantastic fun learning science!  After all, who does not like a party?  What an incredible way to bring science into everyday life of children and adults!

The Primary editions (Pre-school and Elementary) were designed for parents to plan cool parties for their children.  The Secondary edition is for the guest of honor: you! (Parents are welcome (of course), but this edition is for ages 11-20, and more and more, these birthdays are YOUR show)!  The Secondary edition features additional options for each birthday to allow you to make your Elemental Birthday totally yours!

If you have younger children (or brothers & sisters), be sure to check out the Preschool & Elementary Editions!!  (Or better yet, get the Full Edition)

Secondary Edition  
(Age 11-20)


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Preschool Edition of Elemental BirthdaysPreschool & Elementary Combo Edition. (Age 1-11)  

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Preschool Edition of Elemental BirthdaysTake a peek!! Elementary Edition. (Age 5-11)  

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Preschool Edition of Elemental BirthdaysTake a peek!! Preschool Edition. (Age 1-5)  

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Jon and Heather Cleland-Host have been celebrating parties with their four children this way for six years now.  The parties have been a wonderful success both with their own children and with those friends and family attending the parties.  Many have expressed interest in celebrating birthdays this way, but for many parents, they do not know how to begin to plan a party with a science theme, let alone how to do it for every party. 

These books are designed for you to show you how to make your parties Elementally Fantastic!

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