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Thank you for coming to our site and considering contributing to our work here!

As with any grand effort or dream, we cannot do this without financial support (either from sales or individuals like you).  If you feel that this is an effort worth supporting, we welcome your contributions:

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PLEASE NOTE: we do not have Non-profit status.  So contributions are taxable.  We do not currently have tax deductible options.

What you are supporting:

Contributions will go to the expenses of running Solstice & Equinox LLC, including but not limited to the hosting costs of maintaining & improving this website; production costs involved in identifying, creating, publishing, and increasing access to additional resources; networking costs for outreach & participation in and with other organizations with similar objectives; compensation / staffing costs for those contributing time and resources to this effort. 

We believe that the work of bringing science knowledge into the daily lives of our children is vital to the future of our civilization.

  Understanding science helps children better understand the world.  Knowing how science works helps them succeed in their own endeavors and also to know when a "scientific" claim is actually useful science or pseudo-science gobbledy-gook! It helps our children understand the power and limitations of science, so that we and they can better respect it and take advantage of its ability to take on the challenges of our lives (while knowing what science can and cannot do).  Thus it gives us a better appreciation and respect for one another, the world around us, and even the wonders of the Universe!

We live in a time where humans can critically change our planet by what we know (or do not know).  We seek a future where our children have the greatest number of tools to change the world and humanity for the better.  Scientific knowledge is an integral part of that - we owe it to our future generations to protect this knowledge and pass it on to future generations.

To read more about our specific mission, read here About Us!


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