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We have hopes and plans for an interconnected site with resource links to other organizations providing science resources designed to bring math and science understanding into our daily lives, but we are just beginning. 

We would love to hear your suggestions, ideas, and comments!

If you know of a resource that you would like to see on our Resources page (or if you are running such a page), if you have an idea or project you would like to feature here, or if you just have an idea or suggestion as to how to improve the site and what we are offering here, PLEASE CONTACT US!


Please note that we have limited financial resources as we have undertaken this out of our own passion.  We would like to offer more services free (or at least at subsidized rates to those who need it) in order to reach out to the most people possible, but we do not have Non-Profit status and so ineligible for most grants and similar support.  The costs of this site come from what we can put into this work while supporting our family.  If you wish to help with the financial side of this work, we do accept financial contributions (though they will be taxable): 


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