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Bring the magic of science into every day!

Children are natural scientists - exploring the world, figuring out how things work, and constantly asking, "why?!"  And, yet, too often, we delay introducing them to science out of a mistaken idea that science is "too difficult." 

We have only to take them to a hands-on science center to see the extent of our folly. Letting lose a child in a science center is like letting loose monkeys in a forest.  In a second, they have raced through demonstrations of magnetism, infrared cameras, "floating" stones, and more, while the adults can only struggle to keep up. 

Most of us value science, whether or not we are scientist or non-scientist.  We appreciate the technology that science has given us.  We know how important it is to understand science, but somehow, for too many of us, by adulthood, science has become a foreign language.  So, what is the answer?

We believe that the answer is to bring science into our daily lives and that of our children.  Make it familiar.  That is what this site is all about: helping parents incorporate science learning into everyday life in order to make the wonder and magic of science accessible to every child and adult.

This is our goal: to make science everyday!

To make science everyday for everyone.

To help adults embrace science in such a way that science and the world that it describes come alive and are no longer a sources of confusion.

To help families embrace science in such a way that our children never lose the scientific wonder and joy in the world. 

We are parents and scientists:

We are parents and scientists raising our children to explore the world through science   We have seen how our children have delighted in discovering the world through fun science from a very young age, and we wish to share this experience with all parents and children, especially in families without the advantage of a science background.  We have volunteered for science and math programs for scouts, preschool, elementary, and high school students.  We are also parents who love taking our children into the natural world: camping, stargazing, geocaching, kayaking, canoeing, and more.

Heather Cleland-Host:  She has a passion for bringing science to everyone in a fun way, both for her own family and for the wider community of the Earth.  She has a Master of Science degree in Physics, a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering, and a Bachelor of the Arts degree in English Literature.  She has interned at NASA, led science outreach workshops for K-12 students through a joint program between NASA and the University of Michigan, worked as an engineer, and taught physics as an adjunct instructor at Delta College (University Center, MI). She is currently a stay-at-home parent of four children, whom she is raising with her husband Jon to explore and learn from the world around them.

Jon Cleland Host:  He sees science as a way to know about the Universe which can be accessible to everyone.  He works in the semiconductor industry and has a Ph.D in Materials Science.  He has taught chemistry, physics, general science, math, and biology as an adjunct instructor at Saginaw Valley State University.  His involvement in many diverse scientific fields is both a cause and a result of his view that science is not a collection of separate unrelated fields of study but rather simply the study of an interconnected whole: our awesome Universe! 

Please note: We are not a Non-Profit organization. The costs of this site come from what we can put into this work while supporting our family.  If you wish to help with the financial side of this work, we do accept financial contributions: 

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